Ya gotta drive ’em! That’s the philosophy we’ve always had here at Goodguys. Of course, when you drive ’em, sometimes you encounter casualties – like rock chips. That’s the trade-off, but it shouldn’t be something that deters you from driving and enjoying your car. Chips can always be repaired.

After several years on the road, the Goodguys G/RS ’69 Camaro had developed a few stone chips. Following the Hall of Fame Road Tour last year, we talked to Graham Carmichael and Kurt Hallock from PPG about repairing them. They offered to show us how during the Lone Star Nationals. Borrowing supplies – and a temporary work station – from the 3M show rig, they demonstrated the process while repairing a couple of the car’s more significant chips.

We were fortunate enough to document the process, so we hope you’ll follow along with the accompanying photos to see how a couple of pros approach chip repair.