The seaside village of Del Mar, California is one of the most chill spots on earth. Nobody is in a hurry here, most folks are in shorts and flip flops, the beach is inviting, the ocean warm, the palm trees have an easy sway, and the scenery is breathtaking! The girls are pretty too!

It is here in ol’ Del Mar – a racetrack and fairgrounds created in 1937 by Bing Crosby, Pat O’Brien, Gary Cooper and others – that hot rodders and enthusiasts from all over the country come together each spring for a three-day Pacific coast party. It’s a celebration of car culture and motorized mayhem with a side of sophistication. There is a good reason we call the Del Mar Nationals “The Best in the West!”

Goodguys 17th Meguair's Del Mar Nationals

The quality of cars and trucks here have always been off the charts. While over 2,000 vintage vehicles fill the grounds each year, it is inside the exhibit buildings where the cream of the crop gather. With the competition for Goodguys 2017 March Performance Street Rod d’Elegance going full steam, the Charley Hutton Builder’s Choice awards, and no less than five finalist spots open for Goodguys Top 12 awards, the big guns are here!

Today was a quintessential Del Mar Friday – a hang loose vibe, some cruisin’ and some showin’ off. Tomorrow things get ramped up big time! Here are some scenes from our opening day. For a complete look at the Del Mar Nationals features, admission prices and schedule, click here: