Sunday May 14th – With an easy day on tap as far as stops go, we were able to cover some ground on Day 3 and take a big chunk out of the mileage remaining to Nashville. We kicked off Mother’s Day Sunday with a group breakfast at the historic Double Eagle restaurant in scenic downtown Las Cruces, NM to celebrate all the ladies that have joined us on the Music City Road Tour.

The Double Eagle restaurant in the Mesilla Plaza was first constructed in the 1840’s and has witnessed many historic events including the Mexican-American War of 1846. Also, notorious “Billy the Kid” was jailed by Sheriff Pat Garrett and tried in Mesilla in 1881. The mix of Victorian and Spanish colonial architecture was simply stunning and many of the tour participants couldn’t help but wander around admiring and photographing the details within the walls of the restaurant.

We then hit the road for a 120-mile trip passing through White Sands state park on our way to the first stop of the day at Ron Macwhorter’s Collection. Ron’s place had everything from the last remaining 1928 Model A 2-door station wagon to a 1969 big block Z/10 pace car! We spent a good while here and still didn’t get to take it all in. Ron had a wealth of knowledge that he was willing to share and we all left knowing something we didn’t know when we woke up in the morning…the saying is true, you do learn something new every day. Thanks Ron!

From there we then had a choice to either burn through a couple tanks of gas and go straight to tonight’s hotel or make a detour into Roswell, NM for lunch and check out the UFO International Museum. Many opted for the detour as a quick stop to get a bite to eat and check out the weirdness in Roswell. To many, the town was a surprise as it’s not as flooded with alien and UFO memorabilia and store as you’d imagine. Nonetheless, it was still an entertaining stop and a check off the “hey we should go there” list.

We then boogied for two and a half hours to get to our destination for the evening as we crossed the state line into Texas. Tomorrow on Day 4 we get back to a day filled with cool stops and more scenic routes. Check back tomorrow for the day’s recap. Enjoy!