Monday May 15th – We woke up in Texas this morning and had to face the reality of Day 4…over five hours straight until we got to the first stop on the schedule. With no scheduled departure time, some early birds fled the parking lot at the break of dawn to get a head start while the majority rolled out between 8-9am.

We hit the Texas open road which greeted us to a drive unlike anything we imagined. The typical flat land Texas was what we expected, but instead our route led us over rolling hills, windy turns and through some awesome little towns on mostly 2-lane highways with 75mph speed limits. With zero traffic or backups, we were able to cover ground quickly and make whatever scenic stops we chose to along the way. From wildlife such as iconic Texas Longhorns and rattlesnakes to cool small towns with brick roads down Main Street, the eye candy was bountiful and made the drive much more interesting and enjoyable which in turn made it go by effortlessly.

We crossed the border into Oklahoma and made it to OKC where we arrived for stop one at 2pm at Ted Davis’ Collection. This marks our third stop over the past few years at Davis’ place but it’s just THAT cool and he always has new stuff to tell us about. Plus, we have many first-time cruisers joining us on the Music City Road Tour that haven’t had the chance to check it out…it’s a must-see collection! The cool thing about Ted is that as long as a car is running and able to be driven, he will drive it no matter how old or rare it may be. That’s the Goodguy way!

After the tour at Davis’ place, we all (including Ted Davis) cruised over to Steve Cook Creations. Steve, his wife and staff rolled out the red carpet for our crew and welcomed us with a full Mexican buffet dinner, live rockabilly music and sweet dessert treats. Steve Cook and his crew have been at the leading edge of many ground shaking builds over the past few years and they have more goodies being built that we cannot wait to see in the coming year!

Steve and his guys helped get three of our tour participants get back on the road for tomorrow’s departure. They hooked up Gil Losi with a new alternator, Bob Fornes with a wheel straightener and a new tire after a wicked bump in the road and the found the Ault fella’s a local shop that has a new radiator for their ’65 Fairlane. Other day 4 “issues” included Courtney Barber’s ’65 Mustang needing a new solenoid, luckily she travels prepared and carried a spare so it was a quick swap.

Day five is loaded with three awesome stops and another scenic drive. Check back tomorrow for another report on the Day 5 activities!