Tuesday May 16th – We awoke in Oklahoma City, OK to warm, sunny skies and an itinerary filled with three stops that everyone has looked forward to since day one. We departed the hotel and knocked off 100 miles on our way to Kicker Audio in Stillwater, OK for the first stop of the day.

As many are aware, Kicker Audio is a huge name in the automotive sound game and in the past few years they’ve expanded into boats and power sports such as motorcycles, side by sides and ATV’s. Their headquarters in Stillwater features an impressive show room and the architectural layout of the building appeases the eye. They push all of their products to the breaking point before anything hits the market to know where the weak link is and in turn learn how they can improve their product for the consumers’ enjoyment. Our large group was split into two and then went separate ways on private tours of their home base. One of the neatest rooms at Kicker was the “destructive room” room which was insulated to the max and is one of the quietest rooms ever made. Our tour leader told us when you enter the room and the door is shut that you can literally hear the blood flowing through your head – this is where they blast their products to their max and not cause a major ruckus for the working employees to find the breaking point.

From Kicker, we knocked off another 100 miles on our way to Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, OK. The Hot Rod Garage gang was busy at work and boy can they build a hot rod! We were bombarded with cool cars both in the build stages as well as recently finished rides. The fellas over there have some cool cars and trucks that will be hitting the road this summer that you’ll want to keep your eyes open for! Gil Losi was still battling alternator issues and the Hot Rod Garage guys helped him out, sorted out the underlying issue and got him and Janet back on the road, too cool!

We then had a quick 15-minute drive over to fellow Music City Road Tour participant Bruce Ricks’ collection. Bruce’s wife, Judy, has been absent from the tour thus far in preparation of our arrival as she handled getting lunch gathered up for our gang as well as making sure everything was tidy for our arrival. Huge thanks Bruce & Judy for keeping us fat & happy! They have an amazing collection with numerous hot rods including three Riddler-winning cars, tether cars, scooters, signs and much more. Bruce and Judy hopped back on the road with us following their stop and will continue on to Nashville as we inch closer each day.

With only two more days on tap for the 2017 Music City Road Tour we’re excited to reach our destination but don’t want the road miles to end. We’re finishing this thing with a bang and cannot wait to hit the road bright and early for Day 6. Check back for yet another recap…same place, same time.