Thursday May 18th – The Music City Road Tour ran the last leg of its week-long journey today as we departed Arkansas and headed towards Nashville while making two stops along the way. The Goodguys Road Tours are never about the destination but always about the journey, the fact we arrived in Nashville was just a huge bonus!

Our morning drive led us across the Mississippi River dropping us into Tennessee as we headed toward Legens Hot Rod Shop in the town of Martin. Steve, Beth and the Legens crew welcomed us into their shop which has built many top cars over the years, most recently Robert Anderson’s unforgettable 1940 Ford that was the 2015 Truck of the Year Early followed by the 2016/2017 Goodguys Giveaway Galaxie we’re currently touring with this season. There was a lot of projects in the various build stages when we checked in which included a heavily modified Hudson pickup that everyone couldn’t get enough of! We then jetted over to Steve’s currently in-construction show room / shop / “man cave” where we were fed a huge spread and checked out a lot of Steve’s personal cars and boats. We all really enjoyed this stop were very thankful we could swing by and see Steve, Beth and the crew, they’re all good people with huge hearts!

After leaving Legen’s place it was hammer down brown to Nashville to check out Willis Johnson’s indescribable Estate. There was no better way to end the Music City Road Tour than Willis’ place! Everyone was blown away at his massive collection and property – everything was top-notch stunning!

The Music City Road Tour was officially a wrap when we rolled out of Willis’ place but the day wasn’t done. We headed over to Advanced Plating for the official Nashville Nationals Kick Off Party! Before we arrived, we got word that it was already a happenin’ place and when we showed up it must’ve only gotten bigger! Hundreds of cars were power parked and people were checking out the facility as well as being treated to pulled pork BBQ with all the fixins’. We got an early glimpse of some of the top cars headed to the event this weekend which only amped up the already growing anticipation for the gates at Nissan Stadium to swing open tomorrow morning.

Be sure to follow along with the action this weekend on both our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as checking out for nightly recap’s. We’re also crowning the 2017 Hot Rod of the Year on Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned…we’re not done yet!