Our decades-long friend and elite motorsports photographer, Marc Gewertz, was trackside at last weekend’s 59th annual March Meet at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield capturing all the action. His impressive photo gallery is below. Give it a whirl!

The March Meet, left for dead in 1993, was resurrected by our team at Goodguys and was completely reborn in subsequent years eventually becoming the “Woodstock” of vintage drag racing. We turned it over to the Bowser Family in 2007 and they have carried the famously independent drag meet forward into its fifth decade. No less than four nitro-burning eliminator classes were held last weekend!

Even though we are no longer involved in any promotional aspects of this great event, we still have a presence there! Goodguys President Marc Meadors and the Goodguys Racing Team were on hand with our new ’70 Camaro Funny Car for shakedown runs and a qualifying attempt. After three tries, the gang netted a 5.78/233 mph run which would have placed them 11th on the eliminations ladder. Unfortunately, they oiled the track slightly on the run which disqualified them from competition. The team was thrilled with their performance as this was their first race with the brand new car and combination!

In other event news, our fast female friend and one of the original Goodguys Vintage Drags racers, Mendy Fry, captured the March Meet Top Fuel crown behind the wheel of the MasterCam special. In Monday morning’s rain-delayed final, she faced off against her old Santa Rosa, California neighbor Jim Murphy. When Murphy broke on the burnout, Mendy was only required to simply stage the dragster and take a green light to win. But that’s not her style. Being the stone cold killer she is, the “Nitro Kitty” showed her claws blasting to a 5.598/252 mph removing all doubt as to who was best on race day.

Congrats to all winners and thanks again to Marc Gewertz for the amazing images.

59th annual March Meet (2017)

Mike McIntire Jr. 1970 Camaro Funny Car – LOW ET of the meet at 5.549!

59th Annual March Meet Results:

Top Fuel
Winner: Mendy Fry – 5.598/252.66
Runner Up: Jim Murphy (Broke on burnout)

Funny Car
Winner: Ryan Hodgson – 5.609/259.91
Runner Up: Kris Krabill – 6.513/166.50

Fuel Altered
Winner: Bryan Hall – 6.066/214mph
Runner Up: James Generalo – 6.434/189.42

Rear Engine Top Fuel
Winner: Mike Halstead – 6.046/229.43
Runner Up: Jim Maroney – 7.293/135.61

Nostalgia Eliminator
Winner: Dan Schrokosch – 7.780/153.63
Runner Up: Dan Martin – 9.481/93.95

Nostalgia 2
Winner: Todd Fernandez – 8.588/153.72
Runner Up: Danny See – 8.499/153.98 (index foul)

Nostalgia 3
Winner: Ed DeStaute – 9.527/139.99
Runner Up: Ron Kolb – 9.521/135.09

7.0 Pro
Winner: Todd Ellingson – 7.009/189.23
Runner Up: Mark Hall – 7.269/144.61

Winner: Mike Mossi – 7.606/169.04
Runner Up: Steve Galileo – 7.576/181.42 (index foul)

Winner: Rich Harrison – 8.614/160.63
Runner Up: Doug Araiza – 8.542/154.42 (index foul)

Winner: Chris Rea – 9.533/139.07
Runner Up: Gary Lynch – 9.563/139.13

Winner: Ed Carey – 10.560/121.10
Runner Up: Mike Rabener – 10.549/126.40

Hot Rod
Winner: Justin Crosby – 10.742/124.35
Runner Up: Josh Wagner – 11.534/102.52