The macho Trans Am is an outlier in the realm of 70’s muscle. Similar to a COPO Camaro, the Macho Trans Am was a specialty option at dealers beginning in 1977. Modified by brothers Dennis and Kyle Mecham, there were only a few hundred ever made and you will have a chance to see some original survivors at the upcoming Goodguys 21st Southwest Nationals Nov 16-18 at Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Mecham Brothers will be on hand in Scottsdale shaking hands, taking pictures and meeting with new friends so it will be a cool opportunity.

The Macho Trans Ams were potent and handled very well. A signature Mecham mod for the macho T/A included advanced timing, fuel curve adjustments on the 400 CI W72 engine, headers and more. The upgrades were good for 50 additional ponies.

Handling was improved through a set of Koni shocks, as well as retempered front springs, altered geometry and lighter/bigger/stronger wheels. They were rare, powerful and are now collectibles as you might imagine.

At least 25 cars are expected at the Southwest Nationals inside the special Mecham T/A Reunion. It will be held Saturday, Nov 17 inside the “Mighty Muscle” parking lot which is open from 7am to noon.

If you have a Trans Am of any kind, you will be welcomes to park with the Macho Bunch!