A few months ago we put together a gallery of four door rods, customs, and classics to illustrate the potential in these often-overlooked rides. This coincided with an Up Front column in the Goodguys Gazette discussing the diminishing stigma in cruising a more-door vintage ride.

That Gazette column prompted a flood of response from enthusiasts welcoming our recognition of four-door classics. Many of those who contacted us cited the same benefits we touted in these cars: they’re affordable; they’re family friendly; they’re often easier to find; and they’re fun! In many ways, it seems that rodders feel less of a need for their four doors to be “perfect,” which allows them to relax and just enjoy them more.

Kevin Allen and his family enjoy their ’58 Bel Air four door down in Louisiana. “The four doors make it really easy for my two daughters to load up and they love for us to hit the car shows,” Kevin says. Kevin is the second owner of the car, which has had one repaint in 1995, still runs the six-cylinder/three-speed combo, and is all original except for an air ride suspension, disc brakes, and Billet Specialties 18- and 20-inch wheels.

Naturally, we’ve kept an eye out for more four doors as we’ve traveled the country to Goodguys events this season – and we’ve found plenty. They reflect the full spectrum of rodding, from prewar street rods, to ’50s customs and cruisers, to stylin’ ’60s and ’70s rides. Some are hardtops, some are sedans, some are wagons, and a few are even convertibles. All of ’em, in our eyes, are pretty darn cool.

Take a look at our selection here and see if you don’t agree. Then reconsider your four-door prejudice the next time you go scouring the internet for a project car or cruise the aisles at your next Goodguys event. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch four-door fever, too.